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Blair Waldorf, Part 2

16 May

In the last post (https://stolenstyle.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/blair-waldorf-part-1/)  I decided that Blair Waldorf should be the first style icon we pay homage to, and in this post, we will see what steps need to be taken to create the perfect Blair look, and in the next post, we will create that look.

Sounds nice, no?

First trend- Parisian Chic…with a twist.

Blair Waldorf is a beautiful example of Parisian Chic. Mixing ladylike a-line silhouettes with pops of colour and her trademark tights, Blair gives us her New York spin on Seine-side elegance.Throw in a pair of pearls and an OTT headband and Blair is good to go.

Second trend– Prints.

Miss Waldorf is not averse to the eye-catching print. Mixing prints effortlessly with demure accessories isn’t easy, but easy is for chickens. And Blair Waldorf ain’t chicken.

Third trend- Winter Coats.

New York can get awfully cold in the winter, but Blair Waldorf has coats galore to keep her snuggly warm in the harsh winters. The coats all follow the same pattern: knee-length, and usually in some eye-catching print or colour. No leather bomber jackets for this lady!

Fourth trend- Tights

What was that we just said about the New York winters? Well, our lady needs something to keep those pins warm during those chilly winter months (goosebumps are so passe, dah-ling) and since our little lady wouldn’t dream of wearing trousers, she needs a well stocked tight drawer. Luckily, there are no problems in that department.

Fifth trend- Hairbands

Come on now, you didn’t seriously think I could do a post about Blair Waldorf’s style and not mention hairbands. They are as integral to her style, like Tilda Swinton and ill-fitting dresses and that-girl-what-plays-Jenny-Humphrey and too much eyeliner. In a way, their fame has surpassed Blair’s and I suspect that they will soon be going solo.

So there it is, a summary of the fashion trends which make Blair Waldorf. Now to emulate her style!

Hugs and kisses