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Blair Waldorf, Part 1.

16 May

Every girl needs a girl crush, a girl whom they deeply admire and secretly wish to be.

Mine is Blair Waldorf.

Ok, maybe minus the bulimia, the crazy family and the craziness, but c’mon. Have you seen her wardrobe? Have you seen her hair?!

Maybe style crush is a more accurate term. Because who could fail to develop a major style crush on the amzaing Miss Waldorf, with her walk in wadrobe full of the chicest designers and cutest dresses.

I mean, look at that dress.  Perfectly accessorised with some classy jewellry and the closest prissy Blair will ever get to a bed head.

But not only does she bring the goods at high class brunches and the like. Oh no.  Blair is bringing those goods all over town. Does she ever have an off day?

*Sigh* If only my school was so lax with uniforms.

But let us not confuse Blair Waldorf with her real-life alter ego. They may share the same body, but the obviously don’t share the same stylist.


No, my next post post will feature Blair and ONLY Blair, and we will just pretend that Leighton Meester does not exist. Just for the time being.

Hugs and kisses