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Blair trend- Prints

17 May

Prints are an eye-catching way to bring your outfit bang up to date, and Miss Waldorf is all too aware of this fact. Hence, her collection of beautiful print dresses and coats:

Of course, being Blair, she isn’t stepping out in Hawiian print shirts. Oh no. She has achieved an elusive goal: making eye popping prints demure and lady-like.

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s 2010 Oscar dress is a prime example of this:

She treads the thin line between eye catching and lady-like, and she does it with pizzaz and style, much like our own dear Miss Waldorf. But how do we, us mere mortals who don’t have the benefit of an army of stylists, achieve this look?

Well, like this:

The print is what makes the look, it’s the meat of the outfit. Luckily this flower-print babydoll dress is well up to the job.

An unusual shoe is need to take this outfit up a level, and these delightful heeled brouges do just that. I’m a brouge cynic, but even I fell in love with this adorable pair. Plus, the heavy shoe is lovely contrast with the floaty material of the dress.

This adorable white pearl handbag gives the outfit a classy boost, and the pearl and flower bracelet don’t hurt.

A bold necklace is needed, since the dress is quite low-cut, and this flower necklace delivers the goods without distracting us from the print of the dress.

Last but not least, a Blair Waldorf hairband gives this outfit and Upper East Side twist, ready for any aspiring Park Avenue Princess. Very garden-party-in-Central-Park.

Where to buy

Bow Print Babydoll Dress, £45 – Miss Selfridge
Daisy Pearl Handbag, £55 – Coast
Britney Low Heels, £69.99 – Red or Dead at Schue
White plate flower bracelet, £9 and White plate flower necklace, £12 – Both Dorothy Perkins
Swirl Flower Aliceband, £16 – Topshop

And here’s my style look, courtesy of

I apologise for the shoes…the choice of shoes at looklet are appalling, and the few ones that they do have always look…well, weird. They have a fab choice of dresses though.

Hugs and kisses,



Blair Trends- Parisienne Chic

16 May

As we’ve already established, Blair is a fan of the French girl look, although, being Blair, she adds her own twist in the form of colour popping extras and enough attitude to star in a sitcom.

And there’s no wonder Blair loves the French look: it’s classy, romantic, elegant…pretty much everything Blair stands for. For example, take a look at the ultimate French fashionista, Coco Chanel:

She exudes poise and elegance in this picture, and that is precisely what we are going for.

So, without further ado, here is how to achieve the Blair Waldorf French girl trend:

This look is inspired by Miss Waldorf but, as you can see, I’ve taken some liberties. This is about making French chic easy-to-wear and, as much as I love Blair’s wardrobe, it is anything but easy to wear.

We begin with a classy black dress with some lace for good measure. This gives us an understated foundation to the look, so we can have fun with the accessories. It’s knee-length too, so our poised mistress needn’t worry about exposing too much.

A cute cropped cardigan livens the outfit up with its whimsical polka dot print.

Fishnet tights stop the look from being too “nun out to Paris for the day” and give this outfit a much needed injection of allure.

The look can be paired with a cute pair of black pumps (so you’ll have no trouble walking the cobbled streets of Paris) or with a decadent pair of black lace heels.

A pinch of girliness is thrown into the mix with a giant pink flower corsage and a beautiful floral necklace. A beautiful quilted heart-shaped bag just adds to the overall femininity of the look.

Luckily, the look is rescued from the “too girly” zone by a pair of black leather gloves…finishing off the outfit with a flourish.

Where to buy

Ladies Puff Sleeve Lace Dress, £22 – Peacocks
Spot Crop Cardi, £38 – Oasis
Fishnet Tights, £3 – George at Asda
Softy Ballet Pump, £8 – New Look
Floral Lace Satin Heel, £20 – New Look
Oversize Flower Corsage, £16 – Freedom at Topshop
Floral Pearl Necklace, £40 – Coast
Heart quilted bag, £34 – Yumi
Leather Gloves in Black, £18 – John Lewis

And here’s my styled look, courtesy of

Classy, no?

Blair Waldorf, Part 2

16 May

In the last post (  I decided that Blair Waldorf should be the first style icon we pay homage to, and in this post, we will see what steps need to be taken to create the perfect Blair look, and in the next post, we will create that look.

Sounds nice, no?

First trend- Parisian Chic…with a twist.

Blair Waldorf is a beautiful example of Parisian Chic. Mixing ladylike a-line silhouettes with pops of colour and her trademark tights, Blair gives us her New York spin on Seine-side elegance.Throw in a pair of pearls and an OTT headband and Blair is good to go.

Second trend– Prints.

Miss Waldorf is not averse to the eye-catching print. Mixing prints effortlessly with demure accessories isn’t easy, but easy is for chickens. And Blair Waldorf ain’t chicken.

Third trend- Winter Coats.

New York can get awfully cold in the winter, but Blair Waldorf has coats galore to keep her snuggly warm in the harsh winters. The coats all follow the same pattern: knee-length, and usually in some eye-catching print or colour. No leather bomber jackets for this lady!

Fourth trend- Tights

What was that we just said about the New York winters? Well, our lady needs something to keep those pins warm during those chilly winter months (goosebumps are so passe, dah-ling) and since our little lady wouldn’t dream of wearing trousers, she needs a well stocked tight drawer. Luckily, there are no problems in that department.

Fifth trend- Hairbands

Come on now, you didn’t seriously think I could do a post about Blair Waldorf’s style and not mention hairbands. They are as integral to her style, like Tilda Swinton and ill-fitting dresses and that-girl-what-plays-Jenny-Humphrey and too much eyeliner. In a way, their fame has surpassed Blair’s and I suspect that they will soon be going solo.

So there it is, a summary of the fashion trends which make Blair Waldorf. Now to emulate her style!

Hugs and kisses


Blair Waldorf, Part 1.

16 May

Every girl needs a girl crush, a girl whom they deeply admire and secretly wish to be.

Mine is Blair Waldorf.

Ok, maybe minus the bulimia, the crazy family and the craziness, but c’mon. Have you seen her wardrobe? Have you seen her hair?!

Maybe style crush is a more accurate term. Because who could fail to develop a major style crush on the amzaing Miss Waldorf, with her walk in wadrobe full of the chicest designers and cutest dresses.

I mean, look at that dress.  Perfectly accessorised with some classy jewellry and the closest prissy Blair will ever get to a bed head.

But not only does she bring the goods at high class brunches and the like. Oh no.  Blair is bringing those goods all over town. Does she ever have an off day?

*Sigh* If only my school was so lax with uniforms.

But let us not confuse Blair Waldorf with her real-life alter ego. They may share the same body, but the obviously don’t share the same stylist.


No, my next post post will feature Blair and ONLY Blair, and we will just pretend that Leighton Meester does not exist. Just for the time being.

Hugs and kisses



My very first post…or, a Mission Statement.

16 May

I,  Emily *mumblemumblemumble*, promise to do everything in my power to make celebrity style accessible and easy to imitate.  Failing that,  I promise to cringe at hideous outfits and swoon at gorgeous ones.

I will attempt to update this blog as often as possible, and to put lots of prety pictures in, while not skimping on the writing.

I will try to make this blog a success. Failing that, I will carry on updating the blog, because I’m not going to give up dammit.

Hugs and kisses,